COMESA Mediation Strategy 2023-2030

The Mediation Strategy is a general document that situates mediation initiatives of the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) within its objectives, and mandate and its mission, vision and operating environment. It considers the Decisions of the Policy Organs that relate to mediation and provides a framework towards the implementation of the Decisions.

Policy decisions and directives on Peace and Security are made by the COMESA Ministers of Foreign Affairs with the overall aim of ensuring a peaceful and secure environment in the COMESA region. This in turn is intended to enable the broader aims of the organization to be realized. The policy directives and the establishment of the COMESA programmes on peace and security reflect the institutional growth of COMESA in addressing peace and security issues continuing to evolve in the ever-changing and dynamic environment in the COMESA

This document highlights strategies within the broader framework of the implementation of conflict prevention, management and resolution. It specifically addresses the COMESA Mediation approach and builds on the other tools developed to strengthen COMESA’s mediation efforts. To implement the strategy, three guiding documents and the rules governing the conduct of COMESA Committee of Elders have been developed. The three documents are:

  • The Rules of Procedure (Operating Procedures) and Mediation
  • Guidelines for the COMESA Committee of Elders;
  • Handbook on management of electoral conflicts; and
  • Handbook on management of natural resource-based conflicts.

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